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Perhaps Plankton has found that men don't like women who quote Hanif Kureshi. The second line tells the script interpreter to return the value of the Status variable in the ccdsoftCamera object. If the camera is not connected to TheSkyX, the result will be "Not Connected"; if the camera is connected and ready, the result will be "Ready". Whatever value the script returns will have the script interpreter's final status appended with a vertical bar " " as a separator.

For example, the script above returns Not Connected No error. If your script doesn't return "No error. More formally, the script interpreter will return the value of the last expression executed as the script result which is not necessarily the last line of the script. This doesn't have to be a single variable value; it can be a string consisting of a number of values, as we'll see below.

The result can even be built up gradually during the script's execution and returned as a value at the end.

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  5. Now let's connect the camera, turn on the cooler, and return the camera's temperature and cooler status:. We do a couple of things here that will help make things easier for more complicated scripts.

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    First, we declare a variable named Out which will hold the intended final script result. It's not really necessary for this simple script, but the convention can be useful for more complex scripts.

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    Second, we use the variable Imager to give a succinct name to the camera object that is also somewhat easier to type. The next line turns off asynchronous operation. If you don't know what this means, just ignore it for now. If you do know what it means, just be aware that we're always going to run synchronously for the purposes of this initial tutorial. Now it's time for a word on how to read the scripting documentation on the Software Bisque web site.

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    In the blue bar across the near-top of the page, you'll see Modules. Select that, and you'll be presented with a list of all modules. Selecting that shows two classes; the one you want is ccdsoftCamera for camera control. You're now presented with the ccdsoftCamera Class Reference. We'll skip the Public Types for now and move down to the next category, Public Slots.

    These are the "methods", in object parlance — callable functions that cause the software to perform some task. They are "Public" in the sense that they are externally visible to users; there may also be "private" methods that are used internally by the software package and are not intended for the use of others.

    Farther down the documentation page is a heading for Properties. Look, for example, at RegulateTemperature ; this is a variable that holds an integer 0 or 1 if temperature regulation is off or on.

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    Assigning a 1 or the synonym value true as we use in this script will turn regulation on. Many of the properties are value-result variables like this; they not only hold the value of the property, but also, changing the property's value updates the camera hardware. We previously skipped over the Public Types documentation; this describes enumeration data types in the class. This defines enumerates a restricted set of values that are the only values a variable of the given enumeration type may contain. The C programming language calls this an enum type, so we'll adopt that convention. Unfortunately, these enum definitions are not visible to our script, so you'll have to know what values are associated with the names in the enum definition.

    These are the only values ccdsoftImageReduction is allowed to have. We'll take our own advice in subsequent scripts.