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Select from times later today, in the evening, tomorrow, or on any date. Download Spark. Aimed at the professional email user, Mailspring boasts mail merge, reminders, and the option to schedule mail—all available in a pro edition. With the free version, you get a clean, highly productive and expandable email program that includes thrills such as link and open tracking, quick reply templates, and undo send. However, the free edition is limited to 10 accounts. Download Mailspring. Thunderbird is no longer in active development except for security updates, but it supplies a streamlined interface and a powerful email package.

Download Thunderbird. Never underestimate Mozilla.

The 9 Best Email Clients for Mac

The company built SeaMonkey, the email component of its open source browser , on the same Mozilla platform as Firefox It is a solid performer, full featured and usable. Download SeaMonkey. Share Pin Email. An independent writer who has reviewed hundreds of email programs and services since What We Like Included in the Mac operating system.

Supports smart folders and robust filters. Markup tools for annotating photos or PDFs email attachments. VIP user notifications.

What We Don't Like Basic design that lacks customization features. No option to snooze emails. Hasn't had a major design upgrade in years. What We Like Clean, modern design. Quick Replies feature for sending short, templated responses. Smart mailboxes.

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Supports multiple email accounts. What We Don't Like Slow tech support. Questionable privacy policy. Doesn't support many services. A big plus: Numerous add-ons are available. This means that the email program can be expanded for example with modules for date and task administration. However, the add-ons and extensions are tailored to the respective version. If you want to update your version of Thunderbird, you must also update add-ons, or wait until the appropriate versions are available. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Thunderbird at a glance:.

SeaMonkey presents an all-round solution for office communication. It also includes an HTML editor as well as a browser, email, and chat client. Mail organization is carried out via instructions defined by the user and further features such as flexible sorting and visual highlighting are also available. For a non-commercial open-source project, SeaMonkey users get an enormously comprehensive Outlook alternative that goes far beyond the actual function of an email client. SeaMonkey is basically many different Mozilla projects bundled together.

The electronic organizer Evolution is an email and groupware program that has proved very popular among Linux users as a free Outlook alternative. It supports all the important functions that Outlook offers: In addition to the administration of email traffic, contacts, appointments, tasks and notes can also be organized.

Evolution is also suitable for professional use, and collaboration servers and the Microsoft Exchange Server are supported. The client Spike was released in and combines the functions of classic email programs with those of modern messenger apps. As soon as you link a private mailbox to the app, irritating elements such as subject lines or signatures become a thing of the past, while the elementary mail client functions - such as the central inbox, calendar, or contact management - are integrated into the modern messenger environment.

Spike also relies on modern standards when it comes to security: With a single click, any communication including attached files can be encrypted AES , so that your messages are optimally protected against unauthorized access. Recipients who do not use the app can also decrypt the received messages with a single click. Unlike Outlook, Spike is free for private users - monthly fees are charged for integrating business email accounts. Videos, voice notes, GIFs, emojis and more!

Drop the formality and crank up your productivity - transform your existing email into a simple chat with Spike.

7 Best Email Clients for Mac to Replace Apple Mail

Try it out, it's free! The program eM Client is an email client for private and business use. Like its predecessors in the list, the free program for Windows and macOS offers standard functions for appointments and contact management, as well as an integrated instant messenger. However, free use without any restrictions is only for private users: commercial use as well as the use of more than two accounts require you to purchase the Pro license.

The program supports all major basic services, including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and Outlook.

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Some additional features such as the translation function and the extremely fast full test search function make every day work easier. An Outlook alternative that is completely free of charge for private users companies pay either a one-time fee or an annual fee is Mailbird available for Windows. The email solution allows you to unify and manage your messages and contacts from multiple accounts into a single inbox.

With lots of free themes, you can design the interface according to your wishes.

Five of the Best Email Apps on iOS for 2019

Mailbird provides interfaces to numerous apps, enhancing your mailbox with useful features for organization, interaction, and teamwork. For example, you can integrate WhatsApp, Twitter, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Slack into your email client to transform it into a multi-functional platform.

The mail client supports mailboxes in UNIX format and is regarded as a simple, but powerful, and above all, free Outlook alternative. The program is not only very clear and easy to use, it also offers some practical additional functions, such as a sophisticated, programmable filter function. The mail service offers a mass mail function that can not only be used by private users, but also for marketing purposes.

Microsoft is a groupware system that enables access to contacts, appointments, and email databases within a company from anywhere in the world. In short, you can open Microsoft Office anywhere you want. The Exchange server can also be obtained directly from Microsoft. It saves the cost of purchasing a sophisticated IT infrastructure. The Microsoft Exchange package minimizes the acquisition costs for a server structure and offers even more advantages: The administration effort is reduced because the provider takes care of mailbox maintenance, updating virus scanners and spam filters and continuously running software updates.

All data is hosted on security servers with a specially secured infrastructure. The offer may be too extensive for private users, but it is a good option for freelancers and entrepreneurs and especially for small and medium-sized companies. The prefect solution for your business! The application package from the German manufacturer, Open-Xchange, offers a complete office suite, including word processing, address management and also an Outlook alternative thanks to OX Mail. The app suite is intended to be used as collaboration software and operates completely in the cloud. Working with the mail app can therefore be done completely via a web interface.

With HTML5 as the basis, users can take care of their email needs from any device with a current browser.

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OX Mail allows multiple user accounts to be managed from a single interface. For example, private and business messages can be managed on one display. With folders and markers as well as an extensive search function, users always have an overview of everything. Apps for iOS and Android are also available for mobile use. The software package also includes other apps that are needed in everyday office life.

Since everything is organized via the cloud, you can easily share documents, address books and appointments with colleagues and business partners. The Internet giant Google is also offering their own Outlook alternative. Many users already use one or more of these apps in a free version. In contrast to their freemail offer, Gmail offers ad-free access to work platforms and professional management through G Suite.

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This includes assigning roles. G suite can be operated entirely through a web interface. For example, you can easily move file attachments to cloud storage and edit them there with Google Docs. Scheduling appointments or holding online meetings also works with Gmail thanks to extensive integrations. No matter which of the two monthly rates you choose, a professional email address with a self-selected ending is included. Of course, access to all Google apps is also available. Outlook is not usually the first choice for mobile internet users.