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If you do not wish to install Dashlane in this browser, simply close the tab and confirm you want to leave the page.

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Also make sure that the tab is not reopened automatically by your browser after you quit it. A new tab will open in this browser to install the Dashlane extension. Click the green button Add it now. If you cannot find the tab, please check your open tabs or follow this guide: How do I enable Dashlane in my browser? The Dashlane extension will be downloaded and installed in this browser and it will pop up in your browser toolbar.


Make sure you see the Dashlane icon in your browser toolbar: it must be green on Chrome and Firefox and black on Safari. If the icon is grey instead, then first check that you are signed in to your account in Dashlane, and refer to this page: How do I enable Dashlane in my browser? When you open up Firefox for the first time, you will see the installation page for the Dashlane extension. In your browser toolbar, a pop-up will warn you that Firefox blocked the installation.

Click Allow to authorize the installation of the extension. If you don't see this screen, please check your open tabs or follow this guide: How do I enable Dashlane in my browser? More information here: Upgrade OS X. If you do not see the Dashlane icon in your Safari browser, it may have been disabled by Safari. To check if the extension is properly enabled:.

If Dashlane is not in the list, you can reinstall the Safari extension following these instructions:. If you downloaded Dashlane from the Mac App Store and if you cannot find how to make the extension work in your browser, then please try the following steps:.

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Save this file somewhere onto your hard drive. If anything goes wrong, you can still import this file back into Dashlane to recover your data. Then go to Launchpad and click and hold on Dashlane until you see a little cross in the top left corner of the icon. Click on this to delete the application.

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  8. But when you return to the Mac App Store, you may find the app is listed as installed. The option to download or install is grayed out, or the word "Download" has been replaced with the word "Installed. There are several tricks to get the Mac App Store to reset its flags and let you download an app again. They range from deleting the app and its installer, if they're still present on your Mac, to phoning or dropping an email to Apple support. But the easiest way by far is to use the Mac App Store's built-in method for overriding the status of purchased apps. I have found that with Apple software, at least, particularly the operating system OS X Lion , and OS X Mountain Lion , the download or install option will appear if you use the option key.

    Don't forget that any app you buy from the Mac App Store is licensed to run on any Mac you own or control. So, in addition to re-downloading the app on the original Mac, you can sign into the Mac App Store from any other Mac you own and download the app to run on that computer. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc.

    Updated August 12, If you hold down the option key and click the Purchased icon at the top of the App Store window, there's a good chance that the status button for the app in question will change from "Downloaded" to "Download," or from "Installed" to "Install.

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    Another method that sometimes works is to option-click the "Installed" or "Downloaded" button. When this works, the download process will start right up. You can re-download an app over and over again as long as the developer allows the app to remain available. This essentially means that Apple keeps the most recent version of an app available unless a developer asks Apple to remove it from the Mac App Store. If you have technical issues with an app, you should contact the developer first.

    If the developer can't or won't resolve the issues, you can contact the Mac App Customer Support group.