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You can move tabs to the left or right of the current tab, making it easy to pull tabs from other windows into the current one, or to rearrange tabs without using the mouse. Include shift in the shortcut to also unsuspend the tab while moving it.

The ctrl key should be used on both Windows and macOS. Note that you cannot move tabs between normal and incognito windows. A tab that has the same title as other open tabs will display a number to indicate its left-to-right position among those other tabs. For instance, if you open tabs for two different Google Drive accounts, they'll both be titled My Drive - Google Drive.

But the one on the left will show a 1 next to its title in the menu and the one on the right will show a 2. This makes it easier for you to select the tab you want when you know how they're organized in your window.

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  7. The same ctrl enter cmd enter on macOS and shift enter shortcuts will open the visited page in a new tab or window. If you use the handy extension The Great Suspender and you almost certainly do if you have hundreds of tabs open , then suspended tabs will look faded in the list:. That means if you search for chrome or extension , you won't simply match all the suspended tabs, which is what happens in other tab search extensions.

    Press shift enter to switch to a tab and unsuspend it in one go. Or shift-click it with the mouse.

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    To switch to incognito tabs as well as normal ones, click the icon in the menu, or right-click the QuicKey icon and select Options from the menu:. Scroll to the very bottom of the QuicKey options page and then click the Change incognito settings button. On the extensions page that opens, scroll down to the Allow in incognito option and click the toggle button:.

    Tabs in incognito mode display the incognito icon under the page's favicon, so you can distinguish a normal tab from an incognito one with the same title:. QuicKey uses this permission to let you search the titles and URLs of the open tabs, as well as pages from your history. The "all signed-in devices" part is there only so that recently closed tabs can be restored with their full history.

    Apple will probably not change the behavior of the macOS Application Switcher, but at least you can hack it with Witch.

    How to Switch Between Open Tabs in Google Chrome (Keyboard Shortcuts)

    Ok, I'll look for Witch perfect name by the way! Black magic is apparently a solution for chronic OSX ailments!

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    I spend the majority of my time on my Windows 10 PC mostly because its a big beefy monster desktop fortified Tank! You still have the necessity to use a different key combination to switch between tabs on One Chrome window, but I find that the solution on MS Windows is to just separate a tab into its own window if I want to simply Alt-Tab back and forth with one keystroke. It seems surprising to me, that Mac, which has always prided itself on it's design and simplicity of use requires such a painful combination of key combination steps to simply switch to a different window.

    I find it somewhat astonishing that they have not managed to find a solution to this by this time!

    How to switch tabs in Chrome:

    Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. No keyboard shortcut to switch between Chrome windows not tabs in OSX?

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    Continue this thread. Yeah, Contexts looks great! Whether such commands are implemented or not depends on how an actual application program such as an editor is written. Not all applications follow all of these conventions, so if it doesn't work, it isn't compatible. The latter displays a menu with the currently selected input method highlighted, and debuted in Windows 8. Sleep available on some keyboards. Page Down. Page Up. F3 KDE [10]. Firefox , Opera , Chrome [16] [19] [20].

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    F10 or Move mouse pointer to configured hot corner or active screen corner [21] [22]. Move mouse pointer to configured hot corner or active screen corner [21] [22]. F11 or Move mouse pointer to configured hot corner or active screen corner [21] [22].